out of chaos a new order

That has been my mantra ever since the explosion three years ago.  At first it was literally finding our home out of the wreckage, but became an exercise in re-creating our lives as a family and as individuals.  At every turn there was a decision to be made..new floors, paint, furniture, kitchen, the list was endless.  At every turn we were challenged to re-define how we wanted to live the rest of our lives.  No room for garbage; old broken furniture, musty books, rusty garden tools.  No room for anger, fear, anxiety, sadness or extended loss.  This was the call.

We left that home on the advice of a great physician, Dr.Mary..whoot!whoot!, and we have never looked back.  We are now on a beautiful farm with 100 acres of crop land, The Maitland River, hiking/riding trails and gardens galore…not always so glorious around spring weeding…but I digress!  My husband found this property and we thought it felt more like home in the first week than years at our previous homes.

So chaos follows in ways that now seem less of an annoyance, but part of the rhythms of the land.  Weeds!!!! Attacked until the beauty of our gardens emerge.  Hundreds of bales to stack, fingers sore and back stiff, as a meager offering to the fresh straw in the mow.  Wood to split, still piled on the driveway!

Eventually our jobs are checked off, one by one….stopping the internal chatter for enough time to say; a job well done:)



  1. Congratulations, Brenda! We all have a voice, and whether it's meant to inspire, reflect, or remember our path, it's worthy of sharing. Embrace the chaos – that's what keeps us going as we take chances in life. I look forward to following your posts.Heather

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