Emily’s"babing" suit

My daughter Emily is going away this weekend up to the Muskokas with friends.  When I found out, admittedly I freaked a tiny bit.  “You are going where?!”, “Why?!”, “Do I know these people?!”, “Whose driving?!”, “Does she play the radio too loud, so that she is distracted????!!!”, and the piece de resistance: “People are killed every weekend going up there!!!!

I am usually a calm, pragmatic sort with parenting, but I went into crazy fearful mother mode….I’m still not sure why.   Emily patiently(albeit with eyes rolling about her head…thanks to skype I could witness this) pointed out that the highway would probably be closed, or at least there would be some sort of alert upon entering the highway, if in fact, people died on it every weekend.  Damn…   breathe….. I’m o’k now…

“Of course you should go, and have fun!!!!”  Not sure if I successfully changed the tone.  Emily then said that she only had one bathing suit and wished that she had brought more with her to Kingston for the summer.

I silently wished that she was my toddler again, who pronounced it her “babing suit” and was only going
next door to swim with her cousins and drink juice out of plastic sippy cups.



  1. whose to say i still dont drink juice out plastic sippy cups???

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