moving targets…a dog squats

Have you ever noticed how funny it is when a dog squats to do his/her business(you know #2?!).  They spend quite a bit of time finding the PERFECT spot; sniffing, searching, circling and then drop to a sudden squat and into action…knees and legs trembling as they answer natures call, all the while looking over their shoulder to make sure that we are still there…watching, waiting … But wait!  There seems to be a better spot just over there a few feet…still in a crouch, they scoot over to the new PERFECT spot!

Our handsome dog Callaghan(named after Morley), does this frequently.  I laugh every time as he scoots along to his new favorite, perfect spot!

What if we did that as humans?  Can you imagine us at the shopping mall bathroom, or hockey arena stalls, or worse yet your inlaws house?…our pants around our ankles, ready to go…no wait!  I think that the other stall is better?!!!  So we unlock the door, pants still at our feet, and shuffle to the next available stall….or powder room.    Ahhh yes, much better…no wait!….

It seems so absurd that they do this!  Why?!  Why don’t we?  Just sayin’…


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