what the heck does that mean?

I thought of the phrase “Realization of Interior Consciousness” a few months ago.  It sounds a bit new age, and maybe a bit goofy, but it speaks to a process that I found myself going through both externally as we renovated our new home, and internally as I sifted through the emotional debris and trauma of the past couple of years.  In effect, both were exercises in finding the voice that needed expression.  Our homes are reflections of who we are, and it was necessary to think deeply about how we move about the world in order to best feather this nest.

Since the explosion left me rattled, I began to instinctively seek out solitude and rest.   I  needed this.  I noticed that I started to become a much more mindful individual.  Since my life was much slower,  it gave me the opportunity to move at an easier, less demanding pace.  I learned to like this.  I learned to like thinking simply and moving gently.  When I get  nervous if a thunderstorm is approaching(an event I previously loved to watch!), or anxious about too much traffic or noise, I look within.  Inside is the quiet voice bringing me back.  This quiet voice morphed into a realization that there is an Interior Consciousness, and it is limitless and profound.  We can tap into this anytime, and should when realizing the interiors of self and home.


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