to thine own self be true

My God son, Stephen is class valedictorian.  He has had many offers of advice on the content of his future speech. … Rule #1.  Plagiarism is still not allowed!   —apparently this needs to be said to people big and small….With that out of the way, I continue…. It is funny how we(I am shamelessly adding myself to the long list of participants) all tend to swoop in for our children to solve things for them.  We believe that we have wisdom and experience to share; stuff that a young person could not possibly know—but we can divulge— and then, in this example, assist  them in delivering  the best speech ever!!!! Only because of our wise words of advice of course:)

When I come back to being a rational person again I recognize that presumably, Stephen(all on his own) made enough of an impact among his peers, that they wanted him to represent their collective voice.  It occurred to me that they didn’t vote for his extended family or friends, the beauty is that they voted for him!  Awesome! What a way to leave your high school years!

How many people get that honour?  Not many.  I am still surprised that I have the honour of being Stephen’s Godmother…I am more like his God-forsaken-mother…but that is for another day;)

But since this is my blog and nobody really reads it except my mother, daughter and husband(i think;) ), I get to add my two cents worth: Stephen, make it true to your own voice.  You have been given a great honour, and with that comes the unique position to help connect a large group of  seemingly disparate individuals.  Most of us felt at different times in high school that we didn’t fit in..or only with a certain group…the jocks, the brainers, the artsy crowd..and of course “the smokers”; who when I was in high school, resided underneath the stair-well until we finally had a school ban on smoking and they were relegated to the nether-region of the school property.ouch!  Stephen, you have the opportunity to draw-out  the connections that may not have been felt by many in the audience.  You have the opportunity to show the class as a circle instead of a line.  The circle where all are equal, all important in creating strength, all visible to one another, all hearts exposed.

Stephen is a fun, kind, smart and big-hearted guy; I know that if he takes the time to find his own voice, it will resonate in its authenticity and power to transform.  Shakespeare said it best: To Thine Own Self Be True.  The classmates chose Stephen because, I believe, he has a strong sense of self.  In that spirit, thats all we can wish for him when he graces the podium as valedictorian,  and then moves away and onto the next chapter of his life.


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