Kirk Muller, table dancing and feather boa’s

Last week, as a nation we came together on one thing: what made those Vancouver Canucks fans lose their minds?!!!  It sickened me to see the dangerous, unrestrained energy that followed the Canucks loss.  How does one get whipped into THAT kind of frenzy?

Whenever I am trying to figure out someone’s questionable behaviour, I start with myself.  Have I ever done/said anything like that?  If I have, what motivated me?

In this instance the only time (o’k not the only time), I got caught up in a frenzy was at a black tie Christmas party in Toronto a few years ago.  It was a yearly Christmas party for trial lawyers…scintillating, I know…and a large group of us ended up at a very popular club, called the Court House…I know, I know…it gets better I promise.  Well as you (all 6 of you reading this!) know, I LOVE to dance.  We were having a great time and one of my husbands friends John, started doing tai chi moves on the dance floor (this is how crazy lawyers get), not to be out-done, as I still carry a bit of a competitive streak, I lept up and onto a cocktail table and copied his moves!  Apparently, doing tai chi dance moves, and being clearly over 40, on the dance floor of a uber cool night club wan’t enough for me!  I got all caught up in the frenzy of my special moves, that everyone should see!  I had on a long white satin skirt, a light blue sleeveless sweater…with sequins of course…and the piece de resistance:…..wait for it….a matching feather boa!

John and I danced our zen moves until I spied, with my special senses, two very large bouncers coming my way!  With the grace of Karen Kain, and the spidey sense of , well, spider man…I lept off the table, and was making a run for it through the crowd.  Well what to my wonderous eyes should appear, but an old family friend from Kingston: Kirk Muller.  I knew that this was my ticket, the way, the pass, the freebie, the one who could save me from certain expulsion.  “Hi Kirk! Its me Brenda , Richards sister”.  He had a good laugh as he clearly saw my prowess on the dance floor/table.  When the bouncers made their way to Kirk, they quite rightly thought that maybe I was going to acost him(which I did), but thankfully he gave them the appropriate nod, that I was o’k.  If that is what I was.

Really, I am a good, solid, law-abiding person….I love laws and rules…but, that night, the champagne, the music, the company, the feather boa, all came together in a perfect cocktail of an exhibition of tai chi and table dancing!  What’s a girl to do?  I was safe(I was wearing “ballet”slippers that night), I didn’t hurt anyone,(except serious tai chi practitioners), and I was in the moment. …thats zen and yoga all in one…that can’t be bad, can it?

My advice to anyone that finds themselves caught up in a frenzy is simple;  pause for one small second….think about it….is it cool?…. tai chi table dancing in sensible shoes is clearly imaginative and safe, and sporting a feather boa is cool: trashing property, fighting and taunting the police, is not.


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