potty humour for a rainy day

Christine Northrup is a doctor and well known American author that specializes in women’s health.   I read recently her comment that we should “embrace our farts!  laugh at flatulence”!    She pointed out that when we were children it was acceptable to fart.

Our daughter Emily, was about 3 when we dropped her off for a day at the family farm with her Great  aunts Anne and Margaret.  She was potty trained, so it was easy; play with the kittens, visit the cows and be adored by your wacky aunts;)  Upon picking Emily up later in the day, we were treated to the days happenings; one of which involved the “event” of going potty.  Emily loved to have company in the bathroom, we knew this, but forgot to mention this to Anne and Margaret.  Anne took the challenge as Emily instructed “you come with me” pointing at her bemused chaperones.    That day only a book was to be read; but more often, perched on the throne, Emily requested a series of books to be read, stories to be told or even puppet shows to pass the time.  After recognizing her job done, all senses tuned to the event….did it stink, did it plop, or if lucky did it make a big sound?…all of which created a satisfactory smile and usually a giggle for a job well done.   This was how it went for the aunts experience with Em.  No apologies from children to embrace your whole body’s functions.

Pat’s father doesn’t make any apologies for his expulsions either.  In fact, his MO is to quietly “let one go”, then leave the room.  He has a history of just kind of leaving with-out saying good-bye or explaining his departures, so when he leaves a group mid-story, no one bats an eye….Sometimes though the conversation stops, we all look around, then realize that a heinous crime has been committed in the fart category.  He left us, once again,  the proverbial “silent, but deadly”!  Ugh!  What I don’t get is: why does he not leave before the eruption?

Our dog, Cally is surprised whenever he farts!  Once, he was sleeping along side the couch, and even I was shocked by his anal burp.  What was more surprising and really funny is that he was so startled, he jumped up ran around the living room, only to come back to the scene of the crime and look for it!  You could see the wheels turning…where did THAT come from?!!!!  Where did it go???!!!  He spent a few more minutes looking for “it”.

Which brings me to me….

Last night I was up in the middle of the night, getting medication for a migraine, then toddled off to the kitchen with the dog at my feet, to grab a glass of water.  As I was taking my medication, I uhm…let out a little “toot”.  (You will notice that the men and animals fart, I toot).  I happened to be looking at Cally as I was drinking my water, and when my gas made a guest appearance, Cally flinched and then quickly looked at the ground at my heels…like I dropped something!!!  I almost looked behind me to see if I did!

I went back to bed, smiling to myself and wondered if dogs know something we don’t.


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