Birthdays?Bring ’em on!

Yesterday Pat and I arrived in Toronto to have a birthday dinner with his university friends.  I did not have shoes for the event, so sadly(NOT!) I took the opportunity to go shopping.  Shoe shopping when you get older is kind of like shopping for bathing suits.  You start to recognize the changes in your body since the previous season.  My feet are now flatter, wider and have luminescent blue veins popping out…not to mention a bunion. Shoes that I would have gravitated to, trendy towering heels, have been replaced by a modest heel, or like yesterdays….a flat.  Hip though, gladiator style:) Not bad for this old girl;)

I don’t get those that whine about aging…what is the alternative?  I love life.  Last nights dinner out was a riot!  Big laughs into the night, and somehow there are still stories that surface from “the good old days”  that I had never heard of. 

It all started a couple of years ago: pillow creases in my face that took until noon to disappear, back fat sneaking out from the top of my bra, veins popping up like worms after a rain, flat feet and grey hair  sprouting everywhere including my chin!….every one a sign that I am aging, and that is a really good thing. 

Another birthday coming up?  Bring it on!  Order the wine, serve up some delicious food and if you are lucky enough, maybe you will create some new memories that will resonate years and years later, as you recall the good old days.  Birthdays rock!…pass it on:)


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