food wizardry, gastronomy and whimsy

Luke’s Gastronomy delivers pure brilliance.  This small, seven table restaurant, challenges every single notion and rule that has guided the restaurant industry thus far.  It challenges every single Michelin Star restaurant that I have dined at to “get with the program”.  Luke is writing the program now, and it will be light years before any other chef can match his efforts.  How could they?  You would have to be able to get into the head of chef Luke.

This is the absolute beauty and miracle of progressive artists.  They are transformative, inspiring, shocking, humorous,  focused, optimistic, dedicated and always thought-provoking.

I ordered “The Flight” which was an invitation back 1000 years to Rome.  My platter arrived with a plane ticket for “Air Luke”; how fun is that?!  The main meat component were 2 perfectly grilled succulent sausages.  There was a wild blueberry custard(if I can call it that), Pinot Grigio reduction, Rustica salad(which resembled a green golf ball  ???),  Must bread (instead of yeast, Luke uses the must from his family’s grape-vines) , Makshufa, Mortum and Rue.  Oh and walnuts!  One might be tempted to label Luke as being a food snob or rebel with-out a cause when you have the audacity to put these items on a menu….but Luke is the real deal.  AND by-the-way, so is his family!

That is how Luke gets away with confidently challenging the diners.  He is genuine in his pursuits and he invites you into his world.  It is charming and fun to be received in such a way.

There are no holds barred here.   I initially thought that Luke was a modern day alchemist; but that would only refer to taking base metals and turning them into gold and silver….Luke Hayes-Alexander is in the process of creating precious matter that we have yet to define or even imagine.

Luke is a renaissance man.


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