This piece is by a local artist, George Zoethout.  I love original art and especially love to support local artists.  I am not overly knowledgeable of digital photography and all its forms, but when I saw this in the gallery, I knew that I wanted it to be a part of my home.

I was attracted by the colours, but greatly drawn in by the cherubic face looking up to the heavens.  This little girl was part of The African Childrens Choir that routinely comes to Canada to perform and raise money and awareness.  George took this photo when she performed in Goderich.

He then super-imposed her face over the back drop of a local old growth forest; known for its trails, wild-life and a delicate eco-system all supported by the canopy of oak, beech, ash and monstrous maples.

When I look at this piece and recognize its name, Hope, I wonder about all of our collective hopes.  This child carries at the very least hope for health, education, safe accessible drinking water, stability and safety…maybe some new clothes if she let herself go that far.

By including the forest as support to the subject, is the forest all on its own…hope?  A reminder of what supports us; water, clean air and healthy land?  Our collective hope for the child, if only in symbol.

My hope today is to enjoy the company of my husband, work in the gardens, our animals and the rituals of food.  I am blessed and always humbled each time I recognize the depths and form hope can take.


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