The Kennedy’s and Red Geraniums on Canada Day

Yes, I know that this is Canada Day…perhaps The Kennedy’s should not be part of this post, but it will make sense I promise you:)  I read recently in “Portrait of Camelot”A Thousand Days in the Kennedy Whitehouse, that the creator of Time said that what he liked about JFK was not so much his politics, but that he was focusing “Americans on the things that mattered—active citizenship, and the joy of life itself.”

I see my father’s family as The Kennedy’s…but without the money! They were a good looking group that  worked hard and played hard.  They were also Dutch immigrants and the first to settle in Picton, then Kingston.(o’k not so Kennedyish!)  They were engaged in all levels of life in Canada…. growing food, going to church, sometimes school and often “dust-ups” involving the local constabulary and various courtrooms.  Ahh the life of a new immigrant…

They embraced Canada with all its inherent freedoms and lived life fully.  Becoming a Canadian Citizen was momentous for every member of that family.  Voting was equally important.   Any person that lived through WWII in Europe carries an infinitely greater appreciation for Democracy.

Life in Canada is remarkable in its scope.  The ability to travel freely from coast to coast, to appreciate first-hand this playground we call home, with its limitless blessings is always inspiring.

The Dutch are known as farmers and gardeners, and my family is no different.  In their modest front yard, my Grandmother planted red geraniums.  I too plant red geraniums and give thanks for my grandparents crossing of the sea, their struggles and their unwillingness to give up the dream.

Today, lets remember that we have it all.  It is our responsibility to be engaged as citizens, to protect each other, our land and of course to vote.    But, as was Kennedy’s forte….You Can Have Fun Doing It!!!

Have fun and be safe;)


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