Healing Minds with Gardens, Interior Design and Feng Shui

This pond creates a pause in my day.   It bridges a gap between woodsy swamp and formal zen garden which is perfect for a rural property.   The gurgling of the bubbler mixed with the soothing greens radiates a certain calm.  Anytime that I want a brain break, I will take a few moments here.  Soothing energy, in this simple form is a gift.

After our explosion a couple of years ago, I struggled to put our home back together.  The obvious reconstruction was one thing, but because of my head injuries, tasks that I found easy and fun, were difficult and stressful.  Energy became a central theme.  How could I re-build/re-design to benefit our family as we healed.  How could I do this in such a way that would reflect our personal interests and way of living without becoming the victim of an over-zealous decorator?

The answer came in the form of one book that I happened upon at Chapters.  It is called
“feng shui your life”.  This book might appear to make you uncomfortable if you have not familiarized yourself with the principles of feng shui(pronounced fung shway).  The author, Jayme Barrett explains feng shui as ” symbols for creating a gentle flow of energy in your environment.  In the same way that blood and oxygen must flow freely and purposefully in your body, so must energy and life force circulate through-out your daily environments.”  I  however, was also immediately attracted to the beautiful interiors that were neither staged, overly designed, nor condescending.  The interiors were varied, thoughtful and inviting.  They were approachable.  I bought the book and read on.

I have read and re-read this book so many times, it is now almost always on hand.  Jayme Barrett is methodical, clear and inspiring in her writing.  I felt like I had her with me cheering me on the whole time I put our home back together.  Admittedly, you are challenged on both a practical and personal level to clear clutter; the time to examine what stays and what goes became liberating as it was the opportunity to get rid of things (or thoughts) that do not create harmony.  It was a fun undertaking that resulted in a well-planned, nurturing and welcoming home….hhhmmmm….o’k but not for me….

The impact of the explosion had an effect I tried to ignore or at least “feng shui” my way out of!  I struggled with feeling safe even after it was complete.  Every time I walked into the house, I felt(unconsciously) that “something” was going to happen.  Sometimes, no matter how “perfect” the house, it may not be meant to be your home.  We finally decided to move and bought a farm with land, trails, water and a barn for my horses.  Wow!  How life changes.

This house is sizable, and was to be a challenge to renovate and decorate.  The only book that I did not have packed up in the move, was “feng shui your life”.  I studied it again, and again and it did not disappoint.  New home, new issues, new inspiration to lead a calm, fulfilling life.

Look no further for interior design tips and inspiration.  Jayme Barrett brings harmony, health and joy to your home and life.

Check out her site at  http://jaymebarrett.com and enjoy.  Whether you have a new project or are simply looking for ideas that will renew and heighten the way you feel in your home, this is the place to start.  Have Fun!


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