money, simple pleasures, and weeds

Years ago, when I was first married, I remember having a conversation with a good friend about money.  The question “what would you do if you had lots of money?” is what I asked.  She replied that she loves hotel sheets, that they are so nice to get into because they are crisply laundered and ironed.  She went on, “That is what I would have; someone to wash my sheets every day or two, iron them and make my bed”.  I understood that feeling of liking crisp sheets all the time, but I guess I couldn’t get my head around the amount of water used to do it!

My response was to have fresh flowers all year long!  I love flowers… and plants for that matter!  As a student I would buy from the local corner stall in Toronto and for 6.00 have a bouquet.  The summer into fall were the best; so bright and exciting.  A couple of years later, I enjoyed walking past the flower shops on my way to and from work and would plan out my next bouquet to purchase.  Arriving home to my apartment with flowers greeting me, made me feel like my life was bigger and more glamorous than the space reflected:)

 Getting married, starting a family and holding a mortgage all meant that my flower purchases were on hold.   When we moved to the farm last year, at a time when most people are down-sizing with mortgages paid off, we found ourselves ….hhhmmm going the other way.

I can’t say that we have “lots of money” now….probably the opposite…but I can say that walking through my own florists shop of gardens, I carry a big smile knowing that I can have fresh flowers all year long.  Big bouquets from spring through the fall, and fragrant greens or twigs with berries during winter months.  One or two cuts from daylilies and grasses are just as appealing to me as full and varied arrangements.

Work in the gardens weeding, trimming, dead-heading, invariably becomes a meditation on the vastness of creation.  Every plant and flower unlike the next.  If we can appreciate that in flowers, can we do that for people?  Nature always offers lessons…its true!  Give attention to the flowers, and remove the weeds:)  Happy Sunday, enjoy the flowers in your life…botanical and otherwise;)


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