nestings: human, canine and avian

Nest: 1. human; “a snug or secluded retreat, shelter or home”.

Even though I think of our home as a nest, this daybed/couch is my personal nest.  It is where I stretch out and burrow in for a good read, write, and sometimes a nap.  I love it because it is big and comfortable, has 5 or 6 down cushions, and everything that I would need (for at least a couple of hours!) is right at hand.  I usually have a coffee or latte, snack, books, magazines and my dog- eared dictionary.  I like that my small bird table is beside my nest.

nest: 2. canine; an animal’s breeding ground or lair.
I will with some hesitancy,  point out that our dog Callaghan chooses to nest behind the couch.  He tunnels into and through the…wait, I need to dab my eyes… drapes! …..ooh that hurts….then finds his perfect spot to retire for the day.  I think that he likes this spot because it is soft, cool/cozy depending on the time of year, and most importantly, he has everything he needs at hand….me!

nest: 3. avian; a structure or place where a bird lays eggs and shelters its young.  
Every year I am taken in by the beauty of a robins nest.  This particular one, was eventually laden with three eggs.

Even though the birds nest is an architectural wonder, and its contents breathtaking;  we can as humans look to bring the beauty and drama of creation into our homes in whatever way inspires.  For some it is art, books, pictures of children, flowers or through the ritual of conscious food preparation and eating.

Today, take a moment to think about what inspires you, takes your breath away and causes you to smile big inside; then make a plan to include these items, or thoughts!, in your own nest.  As always, have fun doing it:)


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