Life: Non-verbal communication recognized

“Although most of us are rarely aware of it, our sensory receptors are designed to detect information at the energy level.  Because everything around us–the air we breathe, even the materials we use to build with–are composed of spinning and vibrating atomic particles, you and I are literally swimming in a turbulent sea of electromagnetic fields.” Jill Bolte Taylor from “My Stroke of Insight”

I read this book after the explosion a couple of years ago.  I became hyper sensitive to energy of all kinds; people, light, noise and even places and things.  Prior to the explosion I easily moved through the world.  I could just as freely enjoy a canoe trip down the Maitland as a big fundraiser in Toronto.  Today however, I need to pay attention to how and where I direct my energy.  I don’t mind this.
A significant shift came when I accepted “the new me”….nothing exciting like a facelift or boob job!, but I now have a Before—and an After.  I no longer even wish to be my old self.   What happened is that my life, and therefore my family’s life, became much more calm as we slowed down.  Obvious, I know.   We didn’t buzz from one activity to another.  We stopped the frequent travels.  We moved to a farm where we walk more, tend our gardens, care for  the animals and maintain the land.

By pulling back from the frenzy we are in fact, engaging more in life.  You can live in a big city and do the same thing.  Making the conscious decision to do less, and live more is the paradox, but one that delivers a greater quality of life.

You can do this right now by changing buying habits for example: buying better quality food will be more expensive, but you will be less inclined to throw away as much and certainly feel better inside.  The energy that you fuel your body with has a direct impact on how it performs and how it feels and looks.  Investing in good quality clothes and furniture not only looks and feels better, but means that you have them longer.  Quality over quantity.  Just like our friends!

I became very aware of the “things” in our lives as well.  Jayme Barret reminds us in her book “Feng Shui Your Life” that each item in our home ” either nourishes or depletes you”.  “You might ask yourself,  which objects bring me joy and warmth?  Which ones upset, annoy, depress, infuriate or frustrate me?” .
I recognized that in being mindful of how we put our lives and home back together, it was imperative to decide what was worth keeping and what should go.  There is balance now between our physical world and our inner one. Each supports the other.  

Whether you watch “The Hoarders,” or “What Not to Wear”, the message is the same:  what is on the outside, is reflecting what is going on inside.  What do you present to the world?  Do you laugh freely?  Do you have happy people around?  Does your home reflect joyful, healthy people?  Get rid of the clutter, physical and otherwise, and find the ever-present peace and calm that Creation intended.  It’s not as hard as it sounds and the payoff is worth it.


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