I was sifting through some old boxes yesterday and found some letters from 25 years ago…friends, roommate, and two from a guy I once had a crush on.  He wrote me a couple of beautiful letters that were as wonderful to look at as read.

Anyone that knows me, also knows that I love to write, and I especially love to write personal notes and letters….on paper!, with a fountain pen.  This is not a practice that most people do anymore.  I have long been fascinated by war-brides telling their stories of deep commitment and love as kindled by long intimate letters.


My grandfather wrote my grandmother many letters as he was overseas doing his  Fellowship at The University of Edinborough.  Before my grandmother died, she asked my aunt to read them all to her one more time, then asked that they be burned.


One Christmas I was given an autograph book, and this was written by my grandpa.


When I re-read all of my old cards and letters, it was such a beautiful reminder of the power of the written word.   The thought which produces inspired action is Divine.  The paper, pens and stroke of ones hand His instruments.  


  1. I love this post. Your words mirror those of my favourite author, Markus Zusak, a genius at exposing the "power of words". A compelling post.

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