the blessings of friends

I had an amazing day today shared with my good friend Heather.  A trip to Stratford for a shop and lunch.  We never know what sort of trouble we will get into as we let the day unfold.  Growing up, my mother once said to me that she never worried about us (my brothers and I) when we went out, because she liked our friends.  What she implied was that You know your children by the friends they keep. 

It would appear on paper that I am most awesome because of the friends I keep:)…like a good pair of shoes that make jeans look good, I look better because of the quality of friends I have.  I like the fact that I don’t have an army of friends, but a handful that have my back.  They are gifted, intelligent, funny, dedicated and beautiful.  They also love me, and for that I am grateful.  It can be weeks, months or years between our visits and we immediately fall into our rhythms of stories, laughter and sometimes, tears.

Heather and I had a couple of teary moments today, which were really quite lovely.  There exists such beauty between friends that have known each other for a long time.  Heather has always had my back.  When I was going through a tough time a couple of years ago, after the explosion, it was Heather that answered my SOS.  There wasn’t even a pause from her, when I asked her to spend a couple of days away with me at our chalet.  That weekend was pivotal in my healing.  One friend, pulling the other up.

I am writing this blog because of two people: my doctor and Heather.  I have a head injury that I am still recovering from and writing helps on many levels.  So I took the advice of my doctor to write, and the advice of Heather to blog.  It takes me a couple of hours to write this short blog, not because I don’t know what I want to say, but that it takes a while for me to be able to get it from my head to my fingertips to the screen.

I have memory problems sometimes (last night I didn’t know where my cutlery drawer was), and I may use an incorrect word…or stop mid thought, forgetting where I am.  Here is the beauty of being vulnerable, and it only happens if you are with the right people:

It is one of the blessings of old friends, that you can afford to be stupid with them.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

So here’s to all those friends out there that let each other be stupid:)



  1. Thank-you Brenda, for such a beautiful post. I'll share a quote from N. Vincent Peale that relates:"The most successful people I've ever knownhave an old-fashioned trait called characterthat they depend on to do the right thing.Their character is conveyed throughuprightness, honour, honesty and decency.These are good words to live by."These words are also the solid foundation to a good friendship. So glad they describe you.

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