Junk yard finds, diamonds in the rough

I am a big fan of seeking out flea markets and thrift shops.  People are either creeped out by my second hand scavenging or, they get it!.  My office is furnished with an American Art Deco dining room suite.  When I came upon this set at a flea market, it was tucked away in a corner…and not surprisingly, set up as a dining set.  I exclaimed that it would be perfect for office furniture or a bar. The proprietor was pleased that I could find a use for all of the pieces, as was I….maybe he was just happy to get rid of it, who knows:)?..being agreeable has its advantages when it comes to sales.

I store computer paper, and a million electrical/computer cords, that I have no idea what to do with!  Looks good to do that job:)

The chairs I recovered myself(I am patting myself  on the back;)…even though I was personally ridiculed by a Toronto designer who said that “animal prints are out”!  Oh really, ask Diane von Furstenburg, Ralph Lauren, …or me!  …o’k I am not an expert, but I do love animal prints; they are a classic to me.  However,  it is just like a person wearing the latest trend that does not match their personality, you can tell!  Be surrounded by what speaks to YOU, not what someone else thinks you should have.  Every view that your eyes fall upon in your home is its own Still Life.

Be the artist of your own life, interiors and otherwise. 


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