Still Three Ways…

It just may be Murphy’s Law has struck again, and that I should not be surprised that my blog seems to have taken on a life of its own…rather a petulant, troublesome of a life no less.  No luck finding out the reasons that my blog has suddenly gone amuck, but I give you three ways to be still within your own frustrations!..with a little help from our friends at Oxford Dictionary:)


1.adj. Not hardly moving…which is a smart thing to do because it seems the more buttons I push, the more trouble I get into!

2.n.Deep silence and calm…which really helps if I have not paid attention to dictionary meaning #1.

3.n.An apparatus for distilling alcoholic drinks….hhhhmmmm

So this is my advice:  if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again…and if all else fails, then go directly to #3, or your closest wine fridge for a wee glass of something cheery;)

I would be amiss, if I did not leave you with something lofty to gaze upon… in stillness, of course!


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