Party like its 1999!

Four mothers, four daughters…what kind of trouble can that lead to?  Well, here is what happens when you get a bunch of women together …lots of talking, partaking in some vino, raucous laughter….then eating, more talking, wine and laughing!

What happens next, I guarantee does not happen with a group of men dining together…. 

We start to Dance, sing, and yes….pull out the mop handle to have a limbo contest!!!

This morning reality sunk in.  Our daughter was going back to school, my floors were sticky from our bare foot escapades, and beds needed changing.  My back is sore and my headaches…hhhmmmm…but I would do it all again tonight if I could.  What great moments to have shared with this group of women.  Some of us are getting grey hair, sore hips and saggy bums; while others are finding new love, school opportunities and travel. The conversation and events, like the women present was open, honest, joyful and very spontaneous…

Walking out to the barn I was smiling inside with deep contentment and gratitude.  I was met by my stable help Kelly who is the same age as my daughter, but whose own mother died just 6 months ago.  My heart suddenly ached for her.

Take your moments with those you love, make them full with the beauty of all that is you.  Today I am reminded of an 70’s mantra..Peace and Love.   It’s what it is all about. 


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