Breakfast of champions for aristocracy everywhere…even here!

When we moved into Summerhill, one room had me stymied.  The previous owners used this room as a sitting room, but honestly how many more places do I need to sit or lay down?…o’k reclining is one of my favorite activities and I do try to make it look cerebral by having very smart books and dictionaries laying about;)….but I decided that this room would be a breakfast room.  How so very proper!  How utterly charming and perhaps aristocratic at the same time.  Since no one is handing out “lord” and “lady” titles these days, I must remain satisfied in my humble post as “the little misses”.

I am happy to report that the breakfast room is usually a favorite of any that come to visit.  Admittedly, it is very pretty, but I think that our guests just enjoy the fact that there is food always available and they don’t have to ask to get it.

I love how this room greets us in the morning.  It overlooks a terraced garden, pond and it looks east.  The morning sun is always uplifting, which is great, because I need some encouragement to get out of bed!

The room is all about making sure that we start our day in the right frame of mind.  Breakfast was always something that we rushed through, but I really wanted to make it easy to make good choices.  I always have on hand fresh fruit, some cereal in antique canisters, euro-style bread for the toaster, and of course our coffee maker and espresso machine.!  The side-board is a stainless steel bakers table with a maple top ( an awesome hand-me-down from my brothers business, Coffeeco) and the table and chairs are Saarinen(I didn’t know who that was until I bought them…I just buy what I like-I am really not up on the who’s who!)   I found them at my favorite flea market.  I like the fact that they are tulip chairs and my cotton panels are tulip as well.  This whole room makes me smile every time I enter.

“Breakfast is a notoriously difficult meal to serve with a flourish”. Clement Freud.

 I sure do try.  People, take care of yourselves; inside/out!


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