Dogs and babies do that to you

Dogs and babies…once your friend gets one, you want one too!  We have always admired golden retrievers for their beauty, brains and temperament, but the amount of hair and grooming led us to buy a yellow lab about 7 years ago.

This is Callaghan, Cally for short.  He is a beautiful dog and has made the transition from town dog to country dog very nicely!  He is waiting to go for a ride in Pats John Deere Gator…it’s a guy thing, believe me:)  Cally and Pat do trails together, fish and as you can see, ride together on the property.  Personally, I think that Pat just likes the fact that Cally doesn’t tell him how to drive, unlike me….oops!

I came upon this pretty female golden earlier today, and was completely taken.  She was so gentle, quiet and elegant as she walked…the opposite of my man Cally.  He can hit a coffee cup or wine glass 3 feet away from the table, track mud and debris proudly into the house all the while leaving a trail of drool cascading from his sizable Louis Armstrong jowls.  Unapologetic he is as he trots into my presence full of burrs and wet fur.  Katie quietly and patiently waits for you to notice her…and her cuddly.

I know, I know!!!  It is not fair to Cally for me to compare him to any other dog, anymore than it would be for me to compare our daughter Emily to any other child.  I have never done that to her, so why was I pining for a lovely girly dog?…Was I in a Freudian way making a sad and mis-guided attempt at replacing some femininity in our home, since we are empty nesters now?

No.  I just think that I like dogs.  Having your child move on and out, is what they are suppose to do…if we have done our job well.  It could just be this simple: “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Roger Caras, American Wildlife Photographer.



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