ikea makes you insane

This is how the morning started here in Montreal….ahh so relaxed, so sophisticated, so…. je ne sais quoi….

It progressed to our daughters apartment, where we all started to assemble the uber facile Ikea bed and dresser.  How hard could it be?  This is how hard..!!!

The  hot pink toupee erhm/wig perhaps displaying my steady decline…or increasing humour…all in the way you look at it!

6 hours later, a migraine and sore back, I sit with my feet up and first aid at hand…


The moral of today’s events: Sometimes you just gotta do, what ya gotta do!  Or, as my husband says; “opportunities to bond”! 



  1. OMG….it looks like the Malm dressers we assembled for the girls rooms….as I recall, PhD prepared individuals were summoned for the occasion!

  2. You are right! That dresser clearly made an impression on you and all the other PhD candidates assembling the unit:)

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