true confessions

I am just going to throw this out there for anyone brave enough to follow….or ….as Captain Kirk says:”To boldly go where no man has gone before”.

I have a habit, probably a compulsive behaviour if I was to be truthful; and as you all know I am nothing if not truthful:)

I like to clean public bathrooms after I have been in it!  O’k not the whole bathroom!  I don’t clean toilets, but I do clean up around the sink.  Is it part Buddhist belief?  Leave each space you enter better than it was before(practicing humility)…

Or is it simply that I don’t want the people after me to think that I made the mess?…in which case I am not very spiritual, only insightful.

Please tell me and all the other cyber space readers if you have an odd compulsion….we’re all waiting to feel obsessively/compulsively normal together!




  1. I do know you’re a bathroom cleaner. Saw it when we were in Stratford, but I saw it not as a condition of OCD, but you as a genuine caring sole.

    So…yes, we all have odd compulsions, but yours is one to be modeled.

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