Before/After master bath

Thought that it would be fun to show you a before and after of the master bath.

Bathrooms need to feel fresh and personal, and for us soothing

The vanities(Pat’s sits directly across from mine) are taken from the kitchen which were once used as desks.  I re-used many of the good pieces of cabinetry, and simply re-painted.  In this case a high gloss outdoor black paint.

The jumping off point was the wide plank ceramic tile.  I used it in the steam room/shower, the bathroom, and water closet.  The  pebbles lead across the front of the tub and are also in the steam room, the vanity (old desk) is oak.

What was important in this room, simplicity and function.

Even though I enjoy building and renovating,  I also like to re-use what I can.  All remaining  functional pieces go to Habitat for Humanity.  I know then that they are getting another life, not being thrown in land-fill, and contribute to a worthy cause.  

Being conscious of reducing new buys, re-using what is salvageable and recycling any other items made me feel good.  It takes planning and effort, but everyone wins.


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