About Me

I am not sure where to begin, maybe I will reveal to you why my family chose to move from our town house, mere steps to my husbands office to a country house 25 minutes drive to office and community

After living through a propane explosion in our previous home, it became apparent that leading a quieter existence was necessary to move forward.  I have been working through PTSD and the intricacies of a brain injury.  I found that the  common denominator to facilitate my healing is a life of balance.  I now live on a 100 acre farm in rural southwestern Ontario.   We made the move to rural living to lead a more quiet,  yet paradoxically more active life.  Summerhill Farm allows us to indulge in leading a full and active social life in a home that reflects our combined tastes.  I have all sorts of room to have guests in for large parties, a simple dinner on the patio, or an intimate social by the fireside.    My kitchen is really inspiring for me , full of light, great equipment and a bit of glamour!  The property also allows us to support our passion for horses, hiking,  fishing, gardening and hunting.  We have the ability to canoe the river that runs through it, and hike the many trails that my husband maintains.  We can ski these same trails in the winter and walk them in the summer.

Leaving behind the “dream home” that had its guts torn apart in the explosion and leaving behind our check-list of what we thought our lives would look like; has allowed us to be open to so many more opportunities for growth.  In fact, we are living a life that we could never have imagined…but for grace.  

The name Summerhill Still Life arose from the farm name and my desire to lead a life with great peace. Of course there is the beautiful play on words suggesting that it is a portrait of life. Finally, the fact that we Still have life.  For that, we are grateful.

The phrase Realization of Interior Consciousness came from a desire to be a wholly conscious individual.  To that end, it would not only refer to my whole person, but all the areas that touch my life.  A desire to be conscious in all my activities and physical scapes has led me to a calmer, more thoughtful existence.  It is my hope that I will explore and embrace this new path until delivered elsewhere. 

This blog is both therapeutic for me, to keep my mind engaged and to push further healing(or as I call it, re-booting!); and really, really fun!  I have always kept journals and love the written word, so this opportunity to be engaged in a different way, with so many facets to this form, I find energizing and uplifting.  Please enjoy and keep in touch! Many thanks, Brenda.


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