Just for laughs!

I received a great email from  Aunt Anne yesterday.  I am humbled once again…a dog surfs, snowboards and skateboards better than most people!  He must be a reincarnated  Beach Boy to show them skills!   Have fun with this, Happy Tuesday:)


Seinfeld and Mr.Peterman are real…I know! It’s true!

I just came across the J.Peterman catalogue on-line last night and went about reading almost all of it.  Who reads a catalogue?  Everyone that reads J.Peterman!  Who remembers the recurring role of Mr.Peterman on Seinfeld as Elaine’s boss? This will refresh things for you…

The J.Peterman catalogue offers clothing and accessories for inspired travelling.  It reads like a Hemingway novel and you are drawn in to the fictional world of the characters presented in the catalogue.  It is brilliant!  This is what I have picked out for Pat.


Heirloom Gladstone Bag

Try looking in the attic first.
You don’t have one? Then it’s time maybe to go to the secret barn. Somewhere there is one.

And it’s filled with everything.

Look…there under that huge pile of saddles and hats…it seems to be the hood of a car. Oh no. It’s the Packard. It’s the 12-cylinder Packard convertible somebody (Emily?) once drove across the country. The doors are locked.

…but inside the car seems to be stuffed with old clocks, framed oil paintings, a leopard skin, books, boots, brass fishing reels, stamp albums…

You can’t take it all in. At the other end of the barn you notice a marble table, a beautiful slim-wheeled two-seat carriage, a stack of a dozen carved chairs, a leather trunk…it’s all too much at once…

You trip on something. What is it? A leather suitcase of some kind. You lift it by its handles. It has old European hotel stickers on it. You grab it and practically run…you’ll come back to the barn some other time…

In broad daylight you examine it. A beautiful, mellow old leather Gladstone. (That’s what they used to call them.) Rather defiantly and ruggedly old-fashioned looking. Strong enough to go down the Nile, across the Alps, through the Canal, over the oceans, but still small enough to carry aboard a plane. A thing like this would cost a fortune these days…

This is what I have picked out.

Man Seeking Woman.

1940s Cord DressBetween the ages of 25 and older.

Attractive, confident, stylish. Has known at least one positive male role model. Must like French cooking, Etta James, Broadway, movies made between 1937-66, disturbing literature, spirited horses. Ability to pack light. Open to impromptu world travel.

Willing to be seen in this. Often.

1940s Cord Dress (No. 2856). Shawl collar, three-quarter length sleeves with turned down back cuffs. Ultraplush 21-wale cotton corduroy. Large self-fabric belt with buttons down the front. Made for snappy dialogue and romantic innuendo. What you wear when you have all the best lines.

1940s Cord Dress

Work, parties, dinner, dancing, slow fade.

The items cost as much as a flight to Paris, but a girl can dream.  Have fun reading the catalogue at J.Peterman.com!

Fresh food, fast: kale a la Gwyneth Paltrow

I am really trying to be charitable here….but when someone names their kids Apple and Moses and they don’t live in a commune, extract juice from a tree,  or make their own clothes out of hemp; –it is therefore difficult for me to take the beautiful, love-child Gwyneth seriously.  I will admit that she is a good actress, o’k and she is an Oscar winner and I am more like an Oscar weiner, but none-the-less whenever I hear her interviewed she sounds kind of silly(unlike me of course!).

All this has changed as of last night, when I decided to take her advice and crisp up kale like a potato chip.  We eat a lot of kale in this house because it is deemed a superfood, packed with all sorts of vitamins, minerals, is a natural detoxifier, and allows for greater absorption of Calcium.  I heard Gwyneth interviewed and she said that she makes kale chips all the time for her family.  I decided to try it because Pat and I love chips and I was hoping that this might be a really good alternative…and it is!!!

Simply pull the leafy part away from the stem of the kale and wash

Toss in olive oil and bake on a cookie sheet for 10-15minutes at 350(depends on your oven).  When done add sea salt and serve.  They are really yummy, even my dearest Pat said that he would like them regularly as a snack.  So there you have it, I am expanding my world view on food and  of Ms.Paltrow.  I am officially humbled by kale and Gwyneth Paltrow;)

photo journal: dog days of fall

Start of the walk, Cally is looking forward— (to it!)

Today has been driving rain, sunshine, wind, calm and breezy….typical fall weather

Our neighbours have finished cutting hay.  Next up…combining of beans and corn.

Milkweed:Milkweed is the host plant for the monarch butterfly. As the monarch larva consumes the milkweed leaves, it also retains the cardiac glycosides making the monarch toxic to predators. butterflyencounters.com  Cool!

The apples I pick along the way are always a highlight of our walk for me…

and Cally!

Imagine the possibilities

We have all heard the phrase “Dance like no-one is watching”.  Any of you out there that have seen me dance know that I take this to heart!  Not that I purposefully set out to be a somewhat discombobulated dance fiend, it just turned out that way.  My friends husband said that I am the only person he knows that the top half doesn’t seem to know what the bottom half is doing…should I be offended, or sign up for adult Irish Dancing, or better yet “clogging”! ?

I thought about all the other areas of life that we should heed this same advice, but substitute dancing for fashion, home decorating, art, architecture, cooking, ….etc.  How much more creative and inventive would we be if we explored our own inspirations, all the time?  I catch myself sometimes with a moment of judgement when I am about to wear/paint/sew… something a little unexpected.  The best feeling is when I do it anyway because it feels right. 

The next time you find yourself second guessing your own ability to create or are insecure as to how much of your true self to show to the world, stop!  Shake it off, dance it off if need be, but go ahead and pull out those aspects of yourself that want to be seen and heard.  The most inspiring people we come across don’t apologize for being themselves.

It is ART in its highest form, it is authentic and it is personified.

Just so that you know; I write like no one is reading.  Ha!  …and some days, that’s true!

life throws lessons at the oddest times

I have read many times that there are always opportunities to learn and grow, if we are open to the lessons.  Well today I did something I have never done before, and am very happy about it…I galloped my horse, Bella!!!  O’k not earth-shattering but to me it was like bungy jumping off a bridge!  Very scary, and the outcome would be kinda unknown.  You might cry, you might poop your pants,…that kind of thing.

I have seen lots of competitions and events where the riders move their horses into a gallop, but I never really knew what it felt like…I like a “nice controlled canter” ;).  As you all know, my new name could be Little Safety Suzie.  I am all about safety these days.

The reason I was able to do it is because last week I had someone at my farm show me.  Not intentionally.  We had a horse (Dakota) here for a few weeks on trial,  hoping that it would be a good safe horse for Pat.  Wrong!  The horse was a maniac!   The facility that we had him from sent the barn manager and her assistant to come and take him home.  Dakota was so wild, that they had to ride “the stink” out of him so that he would be calm enough to load.  I am watching the insanity in my riding ring (a few times the horse would rear and be back on his hind legs)  As soon as I heard the instructor tell her assistant to put Dakota into a gallop, my attention was immediately piqued.  This is like getting to the Olympics!  O’k not really, but kind of…for me!  I watched intently, as the student confidently went from trot, to canter to hand gallop, then gallop.  It was awesome to see this difficult horse respond.  I was thankful that I decided against Dakota for Pat;), thankful that I paid to have the owners come and pick him up, and thankful that I grasped a lesson for myself out of all the drama and chaos.

Sometimes that happens.

I went out to the barn this morning with the intention to gallop Bella, and I did!  It wasn’t so scary after all.  The best part was that in my head, I was at The Olympics!  I won!

So this is my humble advice:  throw caution to the wind(safely!), be open to the lessons for your life, and then try something you have never done before. Who knows where that will take you!  Happy Day.

let ’em roll baby roll, shake your booty ya ya


An odd segue, but stay with me;)  Just warning you, this post is about good advice and great music:)

Animals are  just like people:  if you have the right ones around you, they add so much value  to our lives.

Did that sound lame?  o’k then..,..Winston Churchill said it this way, so it has to be better right?

There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a man”.

I am feeling frisky(was that my outside voice?)…felt like something fun to match the horses playfulness today!

Or, should it be…shake your booty! watch?v=pOr7TMuk461&feature=related

Gotta get me some bell bottoms pants…

Baby looks the same;)

My mother sent me this photograph a little while ago and it struck me that I haven’t changed much:  I love to wear hats, fur coats(o’k this is a fake fur, but I won’t hold that against my mom!), and rubber boots.  I love dogs and still have an odd way of standing/or sitting with my right leg crinkled up behind me.  What do your childhood photos say about you;)

true confessions

I am just going to throw this out there for anyone brave enough to follow….or ….as Captain Kirk says:”To boldly go where no man has gone before”.

I have a habit, probably a compulsive behaviour if I was to be truthful; and as you all know I am nothing if not truthful:)

I like to clean public bathrooms after I have been in it!  O’k not the whole bathroom!  I don’t clean toilets, but I do clean up around the sink.  Is it part Buddhist belief?  Leave each space you enter better than it was before(practicing humility)…

Or is it simply that I don’t want the people after me to think that I made the mess?…in which case I am not very spiritual, only insightful.

Please tell me and all the other cyber space readers if you have an odd compulsion….we’re all waiting to feel obsessively/compulsively normal together!


ikea makes you insane

This is how the morning started here in Montreal….ahh so relaxed, so sophisticated, so…. je ne sais quoi….

It progressed to our daughters apartment, where we all started to assemble the uber facile Ikea bed and dresser.  How hard could it be?  This is how hard..!!!

The  hot pink toupee erhm/wig perhaps displaying my steady decline…or increasing humour…all in the way you look at it!

6 hours later, a migraine and sore back, I sit with my feet up and first aid at hand…


The moral of today’s events: Sometimes you just gotta do, what ya gotta do!  Or, as my husband says; “opportunities to bond”!