We all participate in the kill

In the car yesterday I heard an interview with Jian Ghomeshi of the CBC.  He spoke with an American woman, Danielle Martin,  who is trying to persuade the world to eat bugs…crickets, larvae, beetles…Take a peek at her cooking video.

So here is what bugs me!  Beyond the obvious!!!

Some of her critics are vegans and vegetarians who are concerned that she is killing.  That killing insects is no different than killing a cow.  I will agree that killing is killing.  However, can I point this out to all the vegetarians and vegans out there….when you eat beans, soy products and fish for example, there is massive amounts of killing involved.  Most commercial fish are hauled in and asphyxiated.  They lay on the boat in the hold until delivered to the processing plant.  For all commercial harvesting of fruits, vegetables and legumes untold numbers of insects, mice, voles, raccoons etc. are also caught up in the combine or run over by the equipment.  If you live in farm country, which we do, you can’t help but notice this.  Last year during haying, I saw a rabbit caught up and killed.

Stop reading now, because I may just offend a whole group of people.

This is the real world.  Lets just all get the stories straight.  If you don’t want to eat meat because of large feed lots, that is one thing.  To say that you won’t condone the kill, is naive.  We all participate in the kill in order to survive, carnivores, omnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegan