food and love: go big or go home

When I had my cook-shop and cafe, my walls were painted “chalkboard green”.  Onto which, I wrote whatever I felt like: descriptions of cookware, food specials of the day, and interesting quotes.  The following is the first quote that I scribbled on my walls and endorse whole-heartedly;)!

“Cooking is like love.  It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”  Harriet Van Horne

On that note; the following is just one of my versions of a “grown-up grilled cheese”…perfect casual lunch— the title is humble, but the ingredients stellar.

It all starts with the cast iron pan.…I fried up the bacon in it before adding the sandwiches.  Simple: artisanal bread(this was called rustica olive). Onto which I spread smoked red pepper jelly, on the other side I placed chopped spinach and local old cheddar, then finally the bacon.  The sandwich was fried crisply and slowly to allow the cheddar to melt into the bacon and spinach.

This is a basic grilled cheese that has been elevated by the ingredients.  No more are the days of the Kraft slices prematurely oozing out of the bread before it had browned nicely, we now have access to creamery’s that produce traditional nutty cheddars, and beautiful breads that provide the texture and foundation of the dish.  Add to it a chutney or savory jam, and against my husbands wishes, add some green.  There is a balance of sweet,salty and savory against the backdrop of the old-world style bread.  Ooooohhhh la la!  While I don’t cook/eat like this every day; when I do, I make it count!