David Suzuki is a sell-out; pass it on

We are not totally surprised when business leaders and politicians sell-out.  By this I mean swallowing your ethics and morals in order to receive special privileges, money and power.  What neural pathway gets shut down or circumnavigated in order for people to ignore a previously defined code of moral behavior?  We can all see a fake when they walk in the room, but some are polished to such a sheen that we tend to look away, or past the veneer.  David Suzuki is a glorified fake and our governments, schools and various charity’s continue to hold him on high.

About two weeks ago, a comment was posted on the Canoe homepage that quoted Suzuki as supporting  controversial wind energy.  I was shocked.  I immediately thought that he must have been bought off by the wind companies and our own elected officials.  It didn’t take long for just that information to surface.  The David Suzuki Foundation received monies from both the Dalton McGuinty Liberals and various wind companies.  Hhhmmm, now  we know the metal behind Suzuki’s moral compass.  Once again, this is about greed energy, not green energy.

There was a time in our evolution that our only source of information was dispensed through tribal lessons. We continued to evolve and our brains grew.  History then showed us that our various religious sects recognized the value of power and money to be gained by sharing (or as we see now early methods of propaganda) or with-holding certain information.  As early and uneducated societies, we were at the mercy of the upper class or religious institutions to provide education and the dissemination of knowledge.

We are no longer those people.  We have, I believe, a personal and ethical responsibility in this highly evolved time to question those that purport themselves to be leaders and dispensers of the font of knowledge.  We all know or have seen people who are threatened by a mere question.  These same people spend vast amounts of time and money deflecting you….especially effective if you are shiny and squeaky clean!  This is our challenge:  Ask the hard questions, and expect a transparent answer….then question again, and again and again.  Question until you are satisfied that the answers you receive ring with truth and integrity.  Go to http://www.windconcernsontario.wordpress.com  for more information.  This site is non-profit.  This site is grass-roots democracy in spreading the information that not everyone wants to hear.

In 2008 David Suzuki spoke to a group of students at McGill University in Montreal.  He said:”What I would challenge you to do is to put alot of effort into trying to see if whether there is a legal way of throwing our so called leaders in jail because what they’re doing is a criminal act.”

I have decided to heed his advice, who is with me?