Junk yard finds, diamonds in the rough

I am a big fan of seeking out flea markets and thrift shops.  People are either creeped out by my second hand scavenging or, they get it!.  My office is furnished with an American Art Deco dining room suite.  When I came upon this set at a flea market, it was tucked away in a corner…and not surprisingly, set up as a dining set.  I exclaimed that it would be perfect for office furniture or a bar. The proprietor was pleased that I could find a use for all of the pieces, as was I….maybe he was just happy to get rid of it, who knows:)?..being agreeable has its advantages when it comes to sales.

I store computer paper, and a million electrical/computer cords, that I have no idea what to do with!  Looks good to do that job:)

The chairs I recovered myself(I am patting myself  on the back;)…even though I was personally ridiculed by a Toronto designer who said that “animal prints are out”!  Oh really, ask Diane von Furstenburg, Ralph Lauren, …or me!  …o’k I am not an expert, but I do love animal prints; they are a classic to me.  However,  it is just like a person wearing the latest trend that does not match their personality, you can tell!  Be surrounded by what speaks to YOU, not what someone else thinks you should have.  Every view that your eyes fall upon in your home is its own Still Life.

Be the artist of your own life, interiors and otherwise. 

just for dummies and me

My most awesome family  doctor suggested that I take the time to write as part of cognitive therapy after surviving an explosion 3 years ago and I took her up on that.  When my girlfriend Heather suggested that I blog, I took her  up on that.   This is my first post on the WordPress site.  Prior to setting up camp here, I had  been working on the WordPress format for at least 45 days.  It feels more like a miracle that I am actually going to press the publish button today!….A significant problem I have had since the accident has been to grasp new concepts.  Paired with that is the challenge that once I could internalize a new thought, then I had to remember where I put it!  It has been a struggle on many days to get my thoughts organized in my head, then to translate them to my hands and onto the computer.  Wah!  A perfect example is that just when I finished the post…I pressed the wrong key and deleted the whole second half!  ugh!!!…deep breath….

The other day,  I commented to my brother that I was having problems getting my site set up, he said “You need to buy WordPress For Dummies”!  Hhhmmmm, should I be slightly offended?  I had to swallow what little pride I have left, and seek out “the Dummy” section at the bookstore.  “Excuse me please, where is the section for Dummies?”I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are all sorts of Dummies out there like me:)  The list is significant and promising…kind of like Coles notes in high-school; a directive through a mass of information, whatever the topic..food, languages, finance, photography, internet, design and gardening…and blogging on WordPress! hallelujah!

So here I am. I am just figuring this page out…I want audio options(just in case you feel like listening to my musical selection!), I want video options(’cause we know that there are a lot of video’s waiting to be viewed), and I want great files of inspiring pictures; we are a visual species.  Hell, you know what? I am going to just move on!   This is it!  The publish button to be activated…kind of feels a bit like I am in the control room of missile defense during the Cold War…but I digress.    Sometimes in life you need to just get started, put one foot in front of the other, and for yougo out there and shake my tail-feather:)  See you tomorrow, when I just know things will come a little bit easier…and if they don’t, you may just hear about it!…unless I want to tell you about something a little racey…who knows?  Happy Monday People:)

food for thought

He who stands on tiptoe will quickly lose his balance.
He who takes too many steps will not last the distance.
He who wants to shine will shed no light.
He who wants to be valued will go unnoticed.

The last couple of days we have had wonderful meals with amazing people.  Within their circle I am challenged, up-lifted and encouraged to think higher and harder….all underscored by great wit and compassion.  Long may they live!

time out! children and parents

I remember when Emily was wee, that “time-outs” were discussed and encouraged by child-rearing guru’s for children that misbehaved.  For Emily, that meant sitting on the bottom step in our Victorian home.  I admit that there were few times for her to have a “time-out” because, as the only child, there were fewer opportunities to get into trouble in the first place!  When it did occur, she was indignant to be chastised in such a manner…apparently well below her station!….however, when that passed, she became quiet…then very happy!  This would undoubtedly translate to singing and laughing!…

The most entertaining for Pat and I would be those times when Emily and her cousin Anna would require a time-out.  (o’k, they are 7 here!)  One would be placed upon the first step and the other on a stool nearby.  Invariably, the event evoked tears initially, but then, as if a switch was flipped, the two of them would look at each other, make faces, then bust out laughing! ….then plead for us to let them go back to play time!  They were so little, maybe 3 at the time.

For the past two days the weather has been unsettled.  We had rain, and windy conditions.  Since the explosion, I tend to become nervous with dark clouds and wind.  Not surprisingly, I woke to a regular occurance…migraine….ugh!  When this happens, I try to stay in bed and put ice on my head, and with any luck go back to sleep. My dearest and beloved husband thought that it would be fun to take a picture of me with both migraine and sinus infection!

I may as well show you my hairy chin while I am at it!

When I arose for the day, my headache had waned, but I carried the unwanted anxiety.  I know now….3 years after the accident, to take a time out.  I have my meditation pillow in my bedroom which I am pulled to like a child to their blanky in pre-school.

It is here, that I give myself permission to pause.  In the pause there is silence and freedom of breath.  No anxieties, no insecurities or worries.  In time I open my eyes to the wonder of yet another day.

there is nothing wrong with this picture!

My father-in-law use to come home from the office in an expensive suit and commence gardening….yes, his towering 6’5″ frame cut short as he balances on his hands and knees pulling weeds, or planting flowers; whatever he happened to notice required immediate! attention before he was safely inside the house.  Not surprisingly, his ever patient wife, my mother-in-law, would express mild irritation for the transgression;)  Those of us who were lucky enough to witness these acts of reckless abandon would laugh because it seemed so preposterous that one would not take a moment to change out of your good clothes….

I wish that I had a picture of Dan Murphy, but I found this picture posted on a great blog!  Check out http://cashmerejeans.blogspot.com  only after you have read mine😉

Well, I hate to admit that I am following in this grand dames strappy footsteps as well as my father-in-laws giant gaping stride ….the scene of my crime would be my horse barn and  I can be found in various forms of dress doing chores.  I have been seen to be providing morning feed in my pajamas, but assuredly, the afternoon routine would seem to offer the most enjoyment for the casual observer.  The “secret video footage”  might include a bikini, silk pajamas and bathrobe(hey, if I have had a big day of migraines I am allowed to wear pajamas all day!), or like today, a nice dress.  All or any options would not be complete without my rubber boots!  I wouldn’t think of getting my good shoes mucked up, I have standards you know.

While some might think this behaviour somewhat peculiar when looking at the following picture,…I  think that if you look closer, give it more thought, you might agree with me that the only thing wrong with this picture is that I need nicer boots to wear in the barn!  Just sayin’  Long live our eccentricities!

a change in the optics

A bit of a crazy day today…we were in Toronto, Pat on business and then picking Emily up from the train!

We were late getting out of the city, getting home, bringing the horses in, and making dinner..

After dinner, we fall into the regular pattern of clean-up…
then I lose Pat….
then I lose Emily……

Downstairs, I hear the beauty of a daughter singing with her father accompanying on guitar….

Her voice stronger, more assured; maybe just me but….

I walk back upstairs, see the laundry room…

I see the dishes to be put away…

Somehow, the ordinary is extraordinary.  Children do that to you…or, any time your heart is full and your feet light.   Happy Wednesday:)