Fresh food, fast: kale a la Gwyneth Paltrow

I am really trying to be charitable here….but when someone names their kids Apple and Moses and they don’t live in a commune, extract juice from a tree,  or make their own clothes out of hemp; –it is therefore difficult for me to take the beautiful, love-child Gwyneth seriously.  I will admit that she is a good actress, o’k and she is an Oscar winner and I am more like an Oscar weiner, but none-the-less whenever I hear her interviewed she sounds kind of silly(unlike me of course!).

All this has changed as of last night, when I decided to take her advice and crisp up kale like a potato chip.  We eat a lot of kale in this house because it is deemed a superfood, packed with all sorts of vitamins, minerals, is a natural detoxifier, and allows for greater absorption of Calcium.  I heard Gwyneth interviewed and she said that she makes kale chips all the time for her family.  I decided to try it because Pat and I love chips and I was hoping that this might be a really good alternative…and it is!!!

Simply pull the leafy part away from the stem of the kale and wash

Toss in olive oil and bake on a cookie sheet for 10-15minutes at 350(depends on your oven).  When done add sea salt and serve.  They are really yummy, even my dearest Pat said that he would like them regularly as a snack.  So there you have it, I am expanding my world view on food and  of Ms.Paltrow.  I am officially humbled by kale and Gwyneth Paltrow;)

Fresh Food, Fast: Easy Summer Pasta

One can’t help but be giddy(if you are a foodie!) with market offerings as spring rolls into summer.  Now delivering week after week, richly nutritious, psychedelic fruits and vegetables.  You don’t have to do much to make beautiful food when we have access to such valuable fuel.

Here is a fast and easy pasta dish, that as you can see is all about the veggies.
Ingredients: peas, heirloom tomatoes, kale, onions, garlic, green olive tapenade, bacon, and whole wheat spaghetti.
Method: I cook my pasta for about 6 min. in salted water;  so that it has a bite to it, but will still hold up for a few minutes at the end, when it gets re-introduced to the main ingredients. p.s….cooking in salted water adds great uniform flavour to the pasta .
Mise en place:(pronounced meez en plas) everything in place.  I like to have my ingredients close so that I don’t forget anything.
At this point I have just introduced the onions, garlic, bacon and kale to the pan with olive oil.  I have the stove on medium heat.  Once there is nice heat, I turn it down to med-low, add a glug of olive oil if necessary, then put a lid on.  This allows the kale to steam.

I throw the tomatoes, tapenade, pasta and peas in, more to warm up slightly than to cook…another 4-5 min on med/low.

I used lots of peas, but you can vary the quantity of each ingredient as to your preference.  There is so much texture and freshness in this dish, with of course, a little smokey boost from the bacon.

This is why I love cooking so much, it is deeply personal to the cook and for those they feed.  There are few rules in cooking, but all will agree that food tastes better when prepared with gratitude and love for the offerings and for those we choose to share it with.  It is no wonder that breaking bread is a spiritual endeavour.