From Gods Country to The Kingston Pen via the CBC

Pat and I drove from our house to Kingston today.  No traffic to speak of, clear sunny day and the CBC.  Here is what I learned:
From Clinton to Winthrop:  I still love Jian Ghomeshi...well just his voice…even though it is digitally altered:(…its true!
From Winthrop to Kitchener: the hilarious “Debators”, where I heard that drinking coffee was like having your brother burp in your mouth(I did not make that up!) vs. tea was like a hummingbird softly caressing your tongue(I wished I made that one up!)
From Kitchener to Milton:On the Noon Phone -In: Obese people blame their parents for their weight
Milton to Pickering: Eleanor Walktel:  Christopher Plummer is a highly skilled, articulate and funny actor who is a true ambassador for Canada and he likes to drink alot…he said so
From Pickering to Trenton: various news items including: People young and old a-like, continue to boat without life jackets, even when they do not know how to swim.
Which brings us to Kingston, my old stompin’ ground:  I am breaking the law under The Criminal Code by walking around naked in my house.  Who knew?!

And on that note; Happy Wednesday!