High humidity, high heat, water….too much, too little and we are cranky.  Or, is that just me and my hormones talking?

Today we had a gorgeous drive along The Loyalist Parkway from Kingston to Picton.  Water flanking both sides of the road in spots; we gratefully received the strong breeze from the Bay of Quinte on the ferry over from mainland. I always feel like a kid again, when I get out of the car, to watch the waves from the deck of a ferry.

After we arrived at our accommodations at “The Claremont Inn”, we couldn’t wait to explore the picturesque town of Picton.  It was 38 degrees.  As we walked increasingly slower, block by block, our intention of exploring the town on foot, fell quickly by the wayside.   We were overly excited to find a convenience store from which to purchase water!  Wow!  You’d have thought that a divining rod was required with the thrill that find produced!  

Normally standing behind someone “cashing in” their 30 or 40 lottery tickets would have bothered us…but today, full of sweat and heat-induced fatigue, we were happy to stand in the air-conditioned store, waiting to pay for our liquid gold…Back into the car, armed with water and map, we decide to find a park, a tree and maps to work on tomorrows plan.  With any luck, and a break in the weather we will be outside tomorrow, looking first-hand at Lake Ontario and its various bays; instead of looking at them through the window of our car or the pictures in a travel guide!  Hope springs eternal:)