good-byes and circle of life

Yesterday I was listening to the CBC and Mary Hynes did a segment on good-byes.  The first short documentary was following a young mother as she worked through the emotions of saying good-bye to her one year old daughter, in order to have a break and go away with her girlfriends.   The event more difficult because she had never left her daughter, ever!  Not even with her husband.

The second story was about a woman who was an empty nester.  She was having difficulty dealing with her empty house.  In essence, dealing with the notion of saying good-bye to her years as an active mother.

The third segment was a story about death.  It poignantly described how a group of women, on the request of their best friends husband, prepare the newly deceased body for viewing and burial.  Interestingly, this story was the most uplifting because the women shared with their best friend the most intimate and sacred acts.  It was a confirmation of life in all its forms. 

Waking up before the sun,  I drove Emily to the train station in Stratford.  She was only with us over-night.  As the other passengers were loading we hugged, kissed and said our I love you’s.  Not good-bye.  Oddly as I walked away from the train, I was overwhelmed with joy.  Emily was not leaving me, she was going towards someone else in her life.  Someone that compels her to walk on air and smile deeply.  Why would I want to keep her from that?  It’s all good.