life throws lessons at the oddest times

I have read many times that there are always opportunities to learn and grow, if we are open to the lessons.  Well today I did something I have never done before, and am very happy about it…I galloped my horse, Bella!!!  O’k not earth-shattering but to me it was like bungy jumping off a bridge!  Very scary, and the outcome would be kinda unknown.  You might cry, you might poop your pants,…that kind of thing.

I have seen lots of competitions and events where the riders move their horses into a gallop, but I never really knew what it felt like…I like a “nice controlled canter” ;).  As you all know, my new name could be Little Safety Suzie.  I am all about safety these days.

The reason I was able to do it is because last week I had someone at my farm show me.  Not intentionally.  We had a horse (Dakota) here for a few weeks on trial,  hoping that it would be a good safe horse for Pat.  Wrong!  The horse was a maniac!   The facility that we had him from sent the barn manager and her assistant to come and take him home.  Dakota was so wild, that they had to ride “the stink” out of him so that he would be calm enough to load.  I am watching the insanity in my riding ring (a few times the horse would rear and be back on his hind legs)  As soon as I heard the instructor tell her assistant to put Dakota into a gallop, my attention was immediately piqued.  This is like getting to the Olympics!  O’k not really, but kind of…for me!  I watched intently, as the student confidently went from trot, to canter to hand gallop, then gallop.  It was awesome to see this difficult horse respond.  I was thankful that I decided against Dakota for Pat;), thankful that I paid to have the owners come and pick him up, and thankful that I grasped a lesson for myself out of all the drama and chaos.

Sometimes that happens.

I went out to the barn this morning with the intention to gallop Bella, and I did!  It wasn’t so scary after all.  The best part was that in my head, I was at The Olympics!  I won!

So this is my humble advice:  throw caution to the wind(safely!), be open to the lessons for your life, and then try something you have never done before. Who knows where that will take you!  Happy Day.