love what you do

I love people that love what they do!  It can be the woman at the MAC make-up counter who is clearly excited to show an old gal like me some new tricks, the plumber that hooks up the latest water feature for our bathroom, or someone like Stacie Constantine.  Stacie opened The Kimberley General Store last year in the hamlet of Kimberley, On….population 92.  This includes the dozen or so seasonal residents like us!

Residents and seasonals to this area were so excited about this that you would have thought that we were collectively launching a mission to Mars.  You see, Kimberley is the little spot on the hwy that you slowly drive-through on your way someplace else.  I mention the speed because there is an unspoken respect for this little place that seems to encourage people to slow down, smile and get in their groove.  Transports slow down well before so as not to use air brakes, as do frenzied parents carrying car-loads of excited children to nearby Collingwood for ski races.  We are fortunate to have a small ski house close by.  We are especially fortunate to have Stacie among us.

Why am I so enamoured with The Kimberley General Store?  It could be that my own cookshop and cafe was housed in a similar 150 year old building, it could be that Stacie is stocking her shop with food grown by local purveyors, or it could be simply that Stacie’s warm nature and heartfelt enthusiasm for her store, is what makes us all want to buy every grocery possible just to support her.  She is as her store reflects; earthy, interesting, welcoming, whimsical and attractive;)

This was my beautiful lunch made by Stacie…..dessert was spectacular!

While you are out-and-about this weekend…hell, every day….make sure to take the time to visit the small independent businesses that continue to bring beauty and authenticity to our lives.  We are privileged to live in a country that allows and encourages free expression and whether it comes in the form of the written word, the clothes we wear or those shop-keepers and restauranteurs that continue to remind us of the importance of what is real; they deserve our support.

Look past the big box stores and you will find the experience of shopping is much more gratifying.  Suddenly, you go back in time where people really do matter.  Every penny spent in an independent shop is money well spent.  You are in fact, saying with those pennies that you care about their business, about them and for the effort to facilitate genuine human interaction.  Their presence in our communities enriches us.  In return for their efforts to live and work in a way that matches their philosophy; please drop by, buy something:), say something encouraging and spread the word!  Stacie Rocks!  Pass it on!!!