just for dummies and me

My most awesome family  doctor suggested that I take the time to write as part of cognitive therapy after surviving an explosion 3 years ago and I took her up on that.  When my girlfriend Heather suggested that I blog, I took her  up on that.   This is my first post on the WordPress site.  Prior to setting up camp here, I had  been working on the WordPress format for at least 45 days.  It feels more like a miracle that I am actually going to press the publish button today!….A significant problem I have had since the accident has been to grasp new concepts.  Paired with that is the challenge that once I could internalize a new thought, then I had to remember where I put it!  It has been a struggle on many days to get my thoughts organized in my head, then to translate them to my hands and onto the computer.  Wah!  A perfect example is that just when I finished the post…I pressed the wrong key and deleted the whole second half!  ugh!!!…deep breath….

The other day,  I commented to my brother that I was having problems getting my site set up, he said “You need to buy WordPress For Dummies”!  Hhhmmmm, should I be slightly offended?  I had to swallow what little pride I have left, and seek out “the Dummy” section at the bookstore.  “Excuse me please, where is the section for Dummies?”I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are all sorts of Dummies out there like me:)  The list is significant and promising…kind of like Coles notes in high-school; a directive through a mass of information, whatever the topic..food, languages, finance, photography, internet, design and gardening…and blogging on WordPress! hallelujah!

So here I am. I am just figuring this page out…I want audio options(just in case you feel like listening to my musical selection!), I want video options(’cause we know that there are a lot of video’s waiting to be viewed), and I want great files of inspiring pictures; we are a visual species.  Hell, you know what? I am going to just move on!   This is it!  The publish button to be activated…kind of feels a bit like I am in the control room of missile defense during the Cold War…but I digress.    Sometimes in life you need to just get started, put one foot in front of the other, and for yougo out there and shake my tail-feather:)  See you tomorrow, when I just know things will come a little bit easier…and if they don’t, you may just hear about it!…unless I want to tell you about something a little racey…who knows?  Happy Monday People:)