time out! children and parents

I remember when Emily was wee, that “time-outs” were discussed and encouraged by child-rearing guru’s for children that misbehaved.  For Emily, that meant sitting on the bottom step in our Victorian home.  I admit that there were few times for her to have a “time-out” because, as the only child, there were fewer opportunities to get into trouble in the first place!  When it did occur, she was indignant to be chastised in such a manner…apparently well below her station!….however, when that passed, she became quiet…then very happy!  This would undoubtedly translate to singing and laughing!…

The most entertaining for Pat and I would be those times when Emily and her cousin Anna would require a time-out.  (o’k, they are 7 here!)  One would be placed upon the first step and the other on a stool nearby.  Invariably, the event evoked tears initially, but then, as if a switch was flipped, the two of them would look at each other, make faces, then bust out laughing! ….then plead for us to let them go back to play time!  They were so little, maybe 3 at the time.

For the past two days the weather has been unsettled.  We had rain, and windy conditions.  Since the explosion, I tend to become nervous with dark clouds and wind.  Not surprisingly, I woke to a regular occurance…migraine….ugh!  When this happens, I try to stay in bed and put ice on my head, and with any luck go back to sleep. My dearest and beloved husband thought that it would be fun to take a picture of me with both migraine and sinus infection!

I may as well show you my hairy chin while I am at it!

When I arose for the day, my headache had waned, but I carried the unwanted anxiety.  I know now….3 years after the accident, to take a time out.  I have my meditation pillow in my bedroom which I am pulled to like a child to their blanky in pre-school.

It is here, that I give myself permission to pause.  In the pause there is silence and freedom of breath.  No anxieties, no insecurities or worries.  In time I open my eyes to the wonder of yet another day.