party crasher needed the boot!

It was Pat’s birthday party again on Saturday night.  This was his fourth party to celebrate his 50th birthday; starting to feel like a royalty…except I was doing the hosting;) 

It was mainly a family gathering except for two party crashers.  One fellow made himself endearing to all the others, and helped the hostess (me!)….the other fellow, arrived as if with entourage, endeared himself to no-one, and helped to dis the host/hostess(still me!).

The aforementioned rude boy, asked for a house tour, and upon seeing our dressing room, was shocked at the size (small), and quantity of clothes(also small)…

I took a deep breath, looked beyond the insults…(upon deeper inspection of my closet…said aghast “where are all your clothes?”, “surely you just did a major cull?”, …wait, it gets better!

Looking at my husbands clothes he said”my partner has three walls of clothes; where are Patricks shoes?!”…even though shoes were evident.  Oh and “those shoes are terrible…all hype” “my shoes are way better”…Come on, really??!!! who says that crap as an adult? It was an eye opener into the world of pretense and posturing which I have no desire to be a part of, and thankfully none of our friends frequent.

I wondered how it is that some people think that  A. they would be a welcome guest, when uninvited and B. don’t realize that there are soooo many people in the world with more money, power and position who also have more tact, and social skills.

Pat and I had a blast at all of his parties, but this last one did not end on a high note.  We both did our best to make the uninvited guests feel welcome; but wondered why we gave the one lout the time of day.

Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were.

Good luck people!